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Largest Cities
City Population Estimated
Sao Paulo 10,195,000 2003
Rio de Janeiro 6,029,300 2002
Salvador 2,539,500 2002

Key Data
Region: South America
Population: 176,274,400 2002
Area Total: 8,511,965 km2
Area Land: 8,456,510 km2
Coast Line: 7,491 km km
Capital: Brasilia
Climate: Mostly tropical, but temperate in south
Languages: Portuguese (official), over 195 indigenous languages, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Baltic languages also spoken
Currency: 1 real (R$) = 100 centavos
Holiday: Independence Day, 7 September (1822)

Average Daily Temperature
Capital: Brasilia
January: 21.2C / 70.2F
July: 18.4C / 65.1F
Annual Rainfall: 1600.2mm / 63''

Bolivia: 3,400km
Venezuela: 2,200km
Colombia: 1,643km
Peru: 1,560km
Paraguay: 1,290km
Argentina: 1,224km
Guyana: 1,119km
Uruguay: 985km
Suriname: 587km

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Ethnic Divisions
European (Portuguese, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish) 53%
Mulatto (mixed European and African) 26%
Mestizo (mixed European and Indigenous) 12%
African 6%
Asian (Japanese) 1%
Middle Eastern (Lebanese, Syrian, Turkish) 1%
Indigenous (includes about 200 small ethno-linguistic groups) 1%

Roman Catholic 80%
Other 20%