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Largest Cities
City Population Estimated
Santa Cruz 1,141,800 2002
La Paz 811,400 2002
Cochabamba 797,000 2002

Key Data
Region: South America
Population: 8,476,200 September 2002
Area Total: 1,098,580 km2
Area Land: 1,084,390 km2
Coast Line: 0 km (Landlocked) km
Capital: La Paz
Climate: Varies with altitude; humid and tropical to cold and semiarid.
Languages: Spanish (official)
Quechua (official)
Aymara (official)
Currency: 1 boliviano (B$) = 100 centavos
Holiday: Independence Day, 6 August (1825)

Average Daily Temperature
Capital: La Paz
January: 9.9C / 49.8F
July: 6.9C / 44.4F
Annual Rainfall: 610.3mm / 24''

Brazil: 3,400km
Peru: 900km
Chile: 861km
Argentina: 832km
Paraguay: 750km

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Ethnic Divisions
Mestizo 30%
Quechua 30%
Aymara 25%
White 15%

Roman Catholic 95%
Protestant 5%