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Egypt - Pyramids Of Giza

Largest Cities
City Population
Cairo 7,754,700
al-Iskandariyah 3,806,300
Giza 254,100

Key Data
Region: Africa
Population: 67,786,300 October 2002
Area Total: 1,001,450 km2
Area Land: 995,450 km2
Coast Line: 2,450 km km
Capital: Cairo
Climate: Desert; hot, dry summers with moderate winters.
Languages: Arabic (official), English and French widely understood by educated classes
Currency: 1 Egyptian pound = 100 piasters
Holiday: Anniversary of the Revolution, 23 July (1952)

Average Daily Temperature
Capital: Cairo
January: 13.8C / 56.8F
July: 27.9C / 82.2F
Annual Rainfall: 24.8mm / 1.0''

Sudan 1,273km
Libya 1,150km
Israel 255km

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Ethnic Divisions
Eastern Hemitic stock 99%
Greek, Nubian, Armenian, and other Europeans 1%

Muslim 90%
Coptic Christian and other 10%