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Hi Atef,

Sorry for the late reply! About the trip: LOVED IT!!!! We had a wonderful time! The tours and guides were amazing! Your crew in Cairo and Giza (John, Hana and Kiro) were excellent! We've been recommending your agency to everybody we know. Thanks for the 5 star treatment and tours!!!

Lamberto Vera


Hi Atef:

I`m  writing to you as promised.  My husband and I really had a
wonderful time visiting Egypt and the Nile.  The tour guides were very
courteous and professional. I want to personally thank you for the many courtesies you extended to me and for answering all my questions thus making my travels much easier.
Good luck with your business and I shall surely recommend you to our friends. 
I hope we can book with you again for our future vacations.



Mr. Wahba

We completed our extensive trip several weeks ago, of course, including our visit to Egypt.†

Your tour was exactly as advertised.† We were very pleased (and thankful).† I think Egypt would be a very awkward place to visit without an attentive guide.
Everyone arrived on schedule--even at midnight and at five in the morning.† It was a very enjoyable tour.† Egypt is truly a remarkable country.

Thank you.

† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † 

Michael Karweit



Dear Atef,

We had a marvelous time in Egypt. Thanks again,

Andrew Brown 03/19/2005





To: Atef Wahba

All Season Tours


From: mirelle de bary wilkinson††††††††††††††† Date: March, 7, 2005

Concern: your booking for 3 Belgian ladies/ February 2005

Dear Atef:

i have been asked to write you a letter to congratulate you for the perfect arrangements on their trip, they only had nice things to say about every escorts or drivers. they really like the boat and felt it was truly first class.
they had an excellent and very memorable trip.

they also were very impressed with the fact that after they came back, you want to the troubles of checking if they were satisfied. you planned for them a great trip and they were extremely grateful for all your meticulous planning

As for me, hopefully i have more people going to Egypt and i look forward to working with you again.

thank you for your patience and for your continuous cooperation to all my requests.

sincerely yours,
mirelle de bary wilkinson




Dear Mr. Atef Wahba:

We like to thank you for your arranging our trip to Egypt during New Year
2005. My wife, 10 year-old son and I all enjoyed thoroughly this very
Wonderful trip. The quality of hotels and boat was excellent as you
Promised, and local officers were friendly and helpful. Entire tour was
Carefully designed, and we believed its sequence was at its best could be.
Tour guider actually was a graduate from ancient Egyptian Archeology - he
Was outstanding and beloved. It was true that you knew the people, the
culture and the history over there, and provided high quality of Egypt
Tour. Overall, the trip was an experience we could cherish for a life

Regards, Andrew Ding
Maywood, New Jersey


Hi Atef,

We enjoyed tour to Egypt because of knowledgeable and friendly guides. John was very helpful and stayed with us through out our tour. Children had very good time with him. The Hotels were nice, and arrangements were well done. The tour program was educational and entertaining.

Ravi Kumar.
Jan 07, 2005


I wish to express my appreciation to All Season Tours for the professional manner in which you arranged my recent Egypt Dream Tour, which included 11 days and 10 nights. I arrived on March 25, 2004 and departed on April 5, 2004. My tour during this period was†perfect in every way.

Upon arrival at the Cairo Airport, I was greeted by Haitham Hamdy, Tour Operator for Travel House, who was in charge of my stay in Egypt in arrangement with All Seasons Tours. He proved helpful in countless way and contributed much to the success of my trip. My hotels in Cairo and Alexandria were superior, as was the†cruise ship†for four days on the Nile.
The guides provided by Travel House†in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Alexandria were conversant in the English†and certainly knew their history. In fact, all held university degrees in tourism, which required each to have a comprehensive knowledge of ancient and modern Egyptian history. My visits to the pyramids at Giza, the Cairo Museum, the Temple at Karnak, the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Queen Hatshesput, the Colossi of Memmon, the Temple of Horus, the Temple of Philae, the Aswan Dam, the Alexandria Museum, and Pompey's Pillar have given me memories that will last my lifetime.
Thank you All Seasons Tours and your counterpart in Egypt, Travel House, for making my vacation such a special occasion.
Douglas Caddy
Houston, Texas
Having just returned from our trip to Egypt I would like to give you some 
feedback about our trip.  We were very pleased with the overall experience 
and consider that your company offered a very good deal. The itinerary was 
very well planned and we never had any difficulty regarding the plans - 
guides and representatives were always on time (indeed, ahead of time!) and 
made considerable effort to make sure that we enjoyed the experience to the 
maximum.  I am confident that it would not have been possible to have 
packed in so many activities without good planning. The need to change the 
itinerary because of the fact that the trains were not running was handled 
very smoothly and efficiently.

We were very impressed by the level of expertise and knowledge of our 
different guides.
We are very pleased that we booked through your company.

Best wishes

V. Roche

I would like to thank you for such a wonderful trip. Your representatives in 
Egypt were outstanding!!! Much more than we expected. Thanks!

Burt Stovall
March 26, 2004 
Hi George

Well I am back at the Grind in the U.S, It has taken awhile for me to get back to you,
I just wanted to let you know that the tour that you arranged for Carol And myself was the best tour that I have had out of the four times I have been to Egypt.
You were very helpful and I know some of the Excursion tours I had you arrange, Especialy the one to Tel Amarna was quite difficult to arrange.
Please let all your people Know that I appreciated their time that that spent with carol and myself.
I also wanted to let you know that the upgrades that you gave us was very nice and unexpected,

William T Conway III 
January 30, 2004 
Dear Atef,

Thank you for the fantastic tour you organized for us. We were very pleased
with the quality of service, truly a door to door service, smooth sailing
through Cairo immigration and customs. The tour guides were very
knowledgeable and helpful, and best of all was the cruise ship, the all new
King Tut I, which was placed in service just two months before. We had a
very pleasant and memorable trip. We took some optional tours including the
trip to Abu Simbel by plane, which was a must see trip. I recommend the
Classic Egypt tour to any traveler who wants to see so much of Egypt in such
a short period of time.

Thank you for everything.

Best regards

Peter and Carol


Hi Atef,

First of all, I would like to thank you for the excellent arrangements for us at Egypt. The accommodations were luxurious,
the transportation was up to the mark, the tour guides were very knowledgeable, friendly and informative, and the travel
agent in Cairo was great.





I returned a couple of days ago from Egypt and wanted to let you know that I had a fabulous time out there.† Me and my son enjoyed every minute.† Your tour guides & escorts were super excellent.† They didn't treat us as visitors, but as great friends.† The services that your agency provided was magnificent, what I call really taking care of† your clients.† I was super impressed by the fact that you†followed up with us to make sure all was good while on our vacation. There is so much more we need to see. My son had such a great time out there he wishes to go out there again this summer (only if† he gets good grades in school.)†We will definitely keep in touch for soon future planning.

I would†highly recommend†your agency to anyone, and if they wish to call for reference they can call me


Once again,

Thank you for the best vacation ever.



Raphael Omar Gonzalez

Brooklyn, N.Y.

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ________________________________________________________________________

September 25, 2002


Just wanted to let you know I am back from the trip to Egypt.† Wanted to
let you know the whole thing went very well.† The guides were fantastic,
and great fun.† The hotels were great, and we really had a ball.† Thanks
for all your assistance in helping us organise the holiday.† We simply
loved egypt!




August 15, 2002

Dear Atef

My wife and I just returned from Egypt and I want to tell you how delighted we are with All Season Tours for making our ten-day trip so very, very memorable and enjoyable.† At every step of the way your representatives both here in the US and in Egypt were prompt, informative, and cordial.† The hotel and cruise accommodations were just excellent.

Our guides in Cairo and along the Nile cruise were very knowledgeable and quite personable.† Both contributed immensely to our overall appreciation because we could understand the significance of each site visited.† The Travel House contacts at each major location, Cairo, Aswan and Luxor, went out of their way to extend assistance and verify arrangements. 

I must congratulate you on your choice of such professionals. 

As for the experience itself, we stood in awe gazing upon some of the oldest structures known to history and marveled at the great beauty of Egyptian art (so very human and compassionate).† We spent one of our free days just wandering around in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.† Our understanding of modern Egypt has increased immeasurably and I thank you so very much for that!

The cell phone you gave us to carry throughout the tour worked perfectly!† Our daughters phoned from our home in Colorado to wish my wife a Happy Birthday while we were on the Nile cruise.† I will eagerly recommend All Season Tours to anyone interested in a visit to Egypt. 

Once again I offer our sincere thanks for all your efforts!

Jim Tobias


Dear Atef,

We have returned from our very enjoyable trip to Egypt.† I thought you would like to know that we were very happy with all aspects of the trip.† The accommodation was excellent, the tour guides informative (especially Mohamed Addallah Mohamed in Aswan) and your representative in Cairo was most diligent in meeting us, taking us to the airport and generally providing the best service possible.

We would be happy to recommend your service.

Thanking you,

Lynne Baxter


We just wanted to thank you for our beautiful trip to Egypt. It was beautiful and our honeymoon was perfect. Thanks again,
Sean and Kelly Thomson
Baxter, MN

"My wife and I recently returned from Egypt. We had an absolutely wonderful time. The Service was great, the guide was cool,
We sincerely look forward to our return to Luxor. We wish your company the best."
Mark and Kaylyn Ward
Bakersfield, CA

Dear Atef†
Now that we rested and settled down, my wife and I would like to formally thank you for managing our tour to Jordan and Egypt in the most professional and efficient way.† Given the little lead time we gave you to arrange our itinerary, you wasted no resource to provide the best of service and connect us to equally†helpful local travel professionals.† You and your establishment come highly recommended to our friends and acquaintances.
Best regards,
Bella & Randy Dizon
Pleasant Hill, CA

Thanking you very much!!!, Egypt is a Paradise. Very beautiful place. We all enjoyed our trip.
It was very beautiful and fabulous. We never expected to be treated so well.
I am very grateful to you and yr Company in EGYPT Lovely people and down to earth.
Once again thanks very much. We shall certainly visit back EGYPT in FUTURE.
Hoping that u r fine and enjoying the weather in USA!!
Take care

Dippa Shah
London, UK

We had a very nice trip.† Everything went smoothly.† We had no problems at all with any of the tour operators and all of the hotels were very impressive.† Thanks for your help.

David Ryan

I just spoke with our clients, who got back home well from Egypt. They are very satisfied and enthusiastic. I would like to thank you again for your good work and help.

Travel Center
Akron, OH

You have been a fantastic help, thank you so much! Thanks again, I am impressed with your good service and your beautiful Country.

Meg and Steve

Dear Atef
Iím writing to let you know that my experience with All Season Tours was 5 star on every detail.
I would recommend highly to anyone planning a trip to Egypt to deal with your company
We had a wonderful vacation, I wish we can do it again soon.

Pat and Mike
Jersey City, NJ

Good Afternoon Atef:
Bonny, her 83 year old mother and I just returned from one of your tours to Egypt and enjoyed every minute. The coordination was extradinary!!! Our thanks to you (also Mr George who we never saw but understand was close by), Headra & assistant; John (Cairo), Mostofa & assistant (Abu Simbel), Tony & assistant(Luxor). The organization and communications between all those who met us at the airport (everybody was right on time as promised) and gave us the tours just could not have occured 26 years ago when I lived in Alex, the phone system was just too primitive at that time. Now it seems that everbody has a cell phone.
My telephone number is 802-xxx-xxxx, if someone wanted a reference to call I would be happy to give one for you and your company.
Thanks again for a great job!!!

Pete Andrews
October,27 2008






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