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Places of Interest


Sana'a Manakhah Taiz Wadi Hadhramaut Al-Mukalla Habban
Wadi Dhahr Beit Al-Faqih Al-Djanad Mosque Shibam Bir Ali Hajjah
Al-Raudha Zabid Yufrus Sa'yun Aden Saada
Shibam - Kaukaban Al-Khokha Wadi Dhahab Tarim Marib Shaharah
Thula Al-Makha Djiblah Wadi Doan Baraqish Al-Tawilah


One of the oldest urban settlements of mankind, probably founded by Sham - son of Noah, since 1984 declared by UNESCO as "World Heritage of Mankind", sightseeing of the old city, the souk with its different branches and caravansaries, visit of the National Museum.

Wadi Dhahr

Leisure place of the people of Sana’a, famous for its rock palace of the Imam and its fruit gardens, every Friday wedding dances on the plateau, visit of the palace, small walking trip through the Wadi and the village Al-Gabel

Places of Interest


Literally the garden city of Sana’a, interesting the architecture of the Imam Gasim Mosque from the 17th cent. and the rural clay houses made in the Sana’a style and the vineyards, every Sunday - market

Shibam - Kaukaban

Together with Thula Himyarite capital of the Yafur dynasty until the beginning of Islam (7th/8th cent.), retreat place of the imams in the 16th cent. during the First Ottoman Conquest, visit of fortress town Kaukaban, from there marvelous open view over the whole surrounding area, small walk downhill to Shibam

Thula - Hababah

Fortress town of the imams in the 16th cent., 2800m high, visit of Thula, archetype of the Yemeni stone architecture. Near to Thula, village Hababah with its impressive cisterns

Manakhah, Al-Hoteip, Al-Hajjarah

Walking to / from Al Hoteip, pilgrimage place of Ismaeli sect, and passing the village Kahel to / from fortress Al Hajjarah, Manakhah is center of the Haraz region with the 3000m high mountain Djabal Shibam

Beit Al-Faqih

Fridays, biggest weekly regional market of the Yemen in the Africa-like coastal plain of Tihama


Former capital and first university of Arabia in the 9th cent., in the 16th cent. seat of the Ottoman governor, visit of the old city with its mosques and citadel


Fishing village with palm woods along the Red Sea, swimming is possible, facultative boat cruise in the Red Sea, diving possible


Former coffee port of the Yemen, impressive landscape along the coast between Al-Khokha and Al-Makha


Situated on the foot of the 3000m high mountain Djabal Saber; famous for its beautiful mosques from the 13th / 14th cent., visit of the Ashrafyah-mosque, the souks and the National museum, drive upon the mountain Djabal Saber

Al-Djanad – Mosque

This mosque was built in the lifetime of the Prophet Mohamed. It is a courtyard mosque and together with the Great Mosque in Sana’a one of the oldest mosques of Islam. Both mosques are built after the model of the Kaaba-mosque in Mecca


Ibn Alwan, a holy person and teacher of Sufism, built this courtyard mosque with a Quranic school in the 13th cent.. The mosque has an impressive architecture and stands majestically in the landscape. This holy place is together with Al-Djanadyah -mosque a place of pilgrimage, both are near Taiz.

Wadi Dhabab

This fertile subtropical oasis is situated between Taiz and Yafrus. Every Sunday the villagers of this region meet each other here at the market.


Capital of the Yemen in the 11th cent. under the rule of the unique queen in Islam, situated in the green Mountain-Yemen, walk through the 1000 year old town, visit of the perimeter of the Queen Arwa Mosque

Wadi Hadhramaut

In ancient times the Hadhramaut was called the "Holy Land". Many graves from pre-Islamic prophets (ex. HUD in Quran = Eber in Old Testament) and other saints still reflect those times. The Wadi Hadhramaut can only be entered through Rub Al Khali desert/Marib and the mountain plateau Al-Djol /Al-Mukalla -is a fertile oasis surrounded with date-palms and majestic sand-rock mountains. Situated in this cultural landscape are the three cities Shibam, Sa’yun and Tarim.


Capital of the ancient kingdom Hadhramaut after the fall of the town Shabwah, founded in the 3rd cent, a town with unique clay houses and impressive art work on wooden doors and windows, visit of the town, before sunset a walk along the mountain situated opposite the town in order to enjoy the skyscraper-silhouette of Shibam in the evensong


Center of the Wadi Hadhramaut and former residence of the Kathiri sultans, The palace of the sultan has a folklore and an archaeological museum, visit of the market, the handicraft market and the palace with its museums


Spiritual center of the Hadhramaut since the 10th cent., romantic town with many palaces and mosques, walk through the city, visit of the Ahgaf library which has old manuscripts of the Quran.

Wadi Doan

Tropical valley deriving from the Wadi Hadhramaut - surrounded by date-palms, the two old clay towns Khoreibah and Al-Hajjarein are the end-points of the Wadi. Visit of both cities


Capital of the governorate Hadhramaut, situated on the Indian Ocean, visit of the old city and the souks. The old houses still have artistic work on the wooden doors and windows


An urban settlement since ancient times. The legends say, that Cain and Abel founded Aden, natural harbor and economical center of the Yemen in the future. Visit of the impressive ancient cisterns. "The Tanks", the palace of the sultan, the Aideroos-mosque, the house of Rimbaud, the Tawahi quarter, the Gold Mohur coast and the market, boat cruise (see Aden Hotel)


Situated on the beginning of the Rub Al-Khali desert, former Capital of the ancient empire of the Queen of Sheba, Now capital of the governorate Marib near the big oil fields, visit of the old city, the temples, the remains of the 3000 years Old Dam and the new dam.


Former capital of the ancient kingdom Ma’een, caravan station on the ancient incense road, 2400 year old city wall with inscriptions, excavation of an temple, sightseeing.

Bir Ali

Former ancient incense port Qana on the Indian Ocean, possibility of swimming.


Former Jewish silversmith settlement in the outer Hadhramaut, impressive old clay houses, visit of the old city.


Fortress of the imams in the 16th and 20th cent., one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes of the Yemen between Kohlan and Hajjah.


Foundation of the Imamate in 892, interesting clay architecture, walk on the city wall, ancient rock drawings and picturesque clay villages in the surrounding of Saada.


A place of escape for the imams in the 19th cent., 2800m above sealable, walk downhill over the famous bridge which connects the two peaks Fish and Amer.


Town built upon a mountain, surrounded with one of the most beautiful terrace landscapes of the Yemen, visit of the city with its interesting old stone houses and souk.