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Useful Information


Facts and Figures

Capital : Damascus

Area : 185,000 sq km.

Population : 18,400,000 (2000 census)

Language : Arabic (English & French are also widely spoken by many urbanite and most people in business).

Major religions : Islam & Christianity.

Monetary Unit : Syrian Pound (LIRA).
Banknote denomination are as follows:
50,100,200,500 and 1,000 liras.

Coins include : 1, 2, 5, 10 and 25 lira.


Credit Cards : A score of credit cards are honored by major hotels, restaurants & shops.

Weights & Measures : Metric System.

General Information, Syria

Electricity: Syria electrical standard is 220 volts/50 cycles connected via a 2-pin European plug.
As elsewhere in the region, British 3-pin and north American flat 2-pin plugs will require an adapter.

Transport : In cities, taxis (yellow cabs) are the best form of transportation and their reasonable fares are registered on a meter.

A number of cars rental agencies have offices in Syria's major cities, Travelling between cities is served by many bus companies or by the national air carrier (Syrian air)

Climate : The prevailing climate is that of the Mediterranean: rainy winter and dry and hot summer with 2 relatively hot and mild transitional seasons.

Security : Syria is an extremely safe country. Major cities can be considered much safer than many of those in Europe and the US.

Business Hours : Most Syrian businesses work a 6 day week, from Saturday through to Thursday. Shops are open from around 10 a.m until 8 p.m. Friday is the official weekend. As for government working hours they are 8 a.m to 2 p.m.

Communications : All mean of communications are available with the rest of the world: Telephone, Fax, Internet, e-mail.
Mobile telephones are gaining ground in Syria. A new generation of card pay phones has proliferated throughout major cities. Prepaid long-distance card services are accessible from any fixed line. In addition a growing number of Internet cafés have spread throughout the country.

Accommodation : More than 700 hotels provide a considerable choice with regard to costs. There are international hotels in Damascus (Sheraton, Meridien, Al-Cham, Ebla) Latakia (Meridien), Palmyra (Al-Cham), Aleppo (Shahba al-Cham), and in Deir Al-Zor (Furat al-Cham).

Several youth hotels and student dormitories are available during Summer in Damascus, Aleppo, and Latakia.

Camping sites are also available on the outskirts of some cities and at summer resorts.

In the coastal region there are numerous camping sites with full facilities, as well as hundreds of chalets of various categories and rates.

Food : Visitors to Syria will always find something to their liking. Syrian cuisine is well-known for its variety.

Western cuisine is also available at hotels and restaurants throughout the country.

Drinking water in Syria is perfectly safe, clean and hygienic. It is derived from natural ground and mountain springs and sources and is treated with the most advance techniques. Most notable is the Ein Al-Fijeh source which supplies the city of Damascus with its drinking water. Other mineral water sources are renowned for their purity. Among these are the Boukein and Dreikish spring water available in bottles.

Cultural activities : Artistic and cultural events abound throughout the year. Exhibitions of painting and sculpture by local and foreign artists are held continuously in many modern galleries throughout the country.

As for musical concerts they are frequently performed by the National Symphony Orchestra and by many other local and foreign group and bands.

A number of festivals and trade fairs take place regularly every year.

Shopping : Shopping in Syria is an endless pleasure. The most favorite items usually selected by visitors are:

- Silk brocade embroidered with gold and silver threat, for which Damascus has been famous.
- Hand-printed cotton garment and cloth, "Sarma" gold embroidery and "Aghabani" table clothes.
- Pictures of epic and folk heroes painted on glass or cloth.
- Mosaic inlaid with mother of pearl and tinted wood.
- Hand woven rugs made of pure wool.
- Glass made as you-wait-and-watch; this is the work of glass blowers using mud furnaces where liquid glass Is turned into pretty beakers, plate and lamps.
- Delicious sweets filled with pistachios.
- Glazed fruits (pears, plums, peaches, apple or apricots) lightly coated with sugar syrup.

Religious Services: are held in mosques, churches and other places of worship throughout the country.

Visitors are expected to respect the sanctity of these places with regard to dress and conduct as they would do elsewhere.


Weekly Holiday Friday

January 1st New Year’s Day

March 8th March 8th Revolution

March 21 Mother’s Day

April 17th Independence Day

May 1st Labour Day

May 6th Martyr’s Day

December 25th Christmas


Moveable Feasts :

- Easter
- Id al-Fitr
- Id al-Adhha
- Hegira New Year
- Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad


Syria Mountains