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In Switzerland there are numerous castles, noble houses and domains once built and inhabited by the upper classes. These buildings are often architectural jewels; some of them are copies of residencies of the European aristocracy. Whether they are located in rural areas or in the cities, they always enjoy a magnificent setting and are often surrounded by lush gardens.


Many of these castles, if not all, are now open to the public and host museums, hotels or restaurants. Donít be surprised, if there is even a very special castle-wine on offer. And do take advantage of the different cultural events that take place inside and outside these venerable old walls. Some castles can even be rented. If you happen to be the lucky host, you will gladly indulge in the feeling of being the master of the premises or the noble lady of the house for a few hours. However, this experience is not only reserved to a happy few. Even low-budget travelers will get their chance to play medieval by choosing to stay in youth hostels that are located in former castles.

Castles In Switzerland


Many castle-museums showcase the history of the surrounding region or the habitat of times long past. Some present special features or interesting collections, such as the magnificent stain glass windows at the castle of Romont, old-timer cars at the castle of Grandson, documents, books, traditional costumes and flags which illustrate the history of Poland at the castle of Rapperswil.