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Swedish cuisine has a very good reputation around the world. A number of Swedish chefs have won international competitions: Mattias Dahlgren took the gold medal at the 1997 World Championships in Bocuse d´Or, Rikard Nilsson won gold at the 1998 European Championships, Henrik Nordström was delighted with his silver medal in Bocuse d´Or in 2001. The Swedish Culinary Team was overall winners at the Olympics in 2000, and the juniors were also overall winners at the Olympics in 1997 and took gold once again in 2000.


Stockholm and Gothenburg compete with each other on who can get most restaurants listed in the gourmet bible Guide Rouge. Stockholm is delighted to have five restaurants listed (including Edsbacka Krog with two stars) and Gothenburg can boast three prime restaurants. Many other restaurants have been motivated to offer good quality cuisine in a pleasant and appealing culinary environment. You are sure to find something that suits your taste and wallet.

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Sweden is generally regarded as a leading country with respect to service and adapting facilities for the disabled. Many hotels and camping sites offer specially adapted overnight accommodation, which also includes facilities for allergy sufferers. There are both communal and private means of transport specially adapted for the disabled.


The Swedish Federation for Disabled Persons (DHR) lobbies for the equality and participation in society of people with mobility impairments. There are a number of local DHR chapters that people with mobility impairments can utilise. DHR can help if you require information on whereabouts in Sweden you can travel as a disabled tourist.


DHR (Swedish Federation for Disabled Persons)

Katrinebergsvägen 6, 5th floor

SE-117 43 Stockholm, Sweden

Tel +46 8-685 80 00, fax +46-8-645 65 41


Post Office


The Post Office's regular opening hours are Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm, Sat 10am - 1pm, with some local variations.


You can exchange money at most post offices. NOTE: It is no longer possible to withdraw money from German Postsparbuch!




Propane gas is used extensively throughout Sweden on camp sites as it can be used at temperatures under 0°C, but there is also the alternative of filling butane bottles, which are popular in Germany. It is also possible to fill many butane gas bottles with propane gas (compatible, approved for propane); the bottles are specially marked in such cases. Butane gas containers cannot be filled at all AGA stations. AGA Gas filling stations for Butane




You can fill up at over 4,000 petrol stations in Sweden, including in the far north of the country. Most stations are self-service and you can almost certainly pay by credit card. Many have card/cash-operated fuel pumps that are open around the clock. Cash-operated fuel pumps take SEK 20, 50 and 100 notes.


SPI (Swedish Petroleum Institute)

Nybrogatan 11, SE-114 39 Stockholm, Sweden

Tel +46 8-667 09 25

Fax +46 8-667 09 54