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Country Fast Facts



Despite its northerly location, Norway is decidedly more solar than polar, thanks to the warming effects of the Gulf Stream flowing along its coast. Because of this, people are able to live high above the Arctic Circle year-round. The four seasons are quite distinct, so pack and dress accordingly. See chart below:

Country Fast Facts


Month Oslo Stavanger Bergen Tr.heim Bodø Tromsø
Jan. 26 35 36 27 28 24
Feb. 28 36 37 30 29 27
Mar. 35 40 40 37 33 29
Apr. 44 47 46 43 39 35
May 56 55 55 53 47 43
Jun. 65 60 59 58 53 51
Jul. 67 62 61 61 57 56
Aug. 65 62 61 60 57 55
Sep. 57 57 55 54 51 47
Oct. 47 51 50 46 43 38
Nov. 36 43 42 35 35 30
Dec. 28 37 38 30 30 26

Health Insurance


The Norwegian National Health Plan does not cover U.S. or Canadian visitors. Ask your insurance agent or broker before you travel if your health plan is valid in Norway. If it is not, medical fees must be settled in cash. Medical fees in Norway are reasonable compared to those of most Western nations.


Customs Regulations

In Norway, most points of entry use the "red/green" customs declaration system. If you are bringing a permitted amount of duty-free goods into the country, you may proceed through the green line out of the customs hall. If you are entering Norway with goods to declare, you proceed through the red line, where a customs officer inspects your bag or inquires about the items you are declaring. If you are in doubt, always use the red line. All luggage is subject to inspection when entering and departing Norway.


Duty-free limits:
Persons 20 years or older may purchase:

  • 1 liter/1.05 qt. of spirits with an alcohol content up to 60% proof

  • 1 liter/1.05 qt. of wine with an alcohol content not exceeding 22% proof

  • 2 liters/2.1 qt. of beer

  • Alternatively 2 liter /2.1 qt. of beer and 2 liter/2.1 qt of wine and no spirits

Persons 18 years or older may bring in beer and wine.

U.S. residents may bring 400 cigarettes, or 500 grams /8.75 oz. of other tobacco goods and 200 cigarette papers. You must be 18 or over to enter with tobacco products.

You may only bring in medications for your own personal use, and you should carry a letter from your doctor stating your needs. For information regarding acceptable items to bring into Norway



Norwegian is the official language of Norway, but a majority of Norwegians speak English very well. Some also speak French, or German. It is always fun, however, to try a few Norwegian expressions.

In addition to the letters found in the English alphabet, the Norwegian alphabet contains the letters Æ, Ø and Å. These are pronounced, respectively, as the vowels in the English words "bad," "bird" and "ball". For example: Vær (weather), Øl (beer), Båt (boat).


Passport and Visa

U.S. and Canadian citizens need a valid passport to enter Norway. A visa is not required for visits of less than three months. Visas may be obtained from Norwegian consulates in North America. U.S. or Canadian residents holding passports other than U.S. or Canadian must contact a Norwegian consulate for visa information.  


Northern Lights 


The Northern Lights, or in Latin, Aurora Borealis, flickering and bright lights on the dark sky, may be experienced between September and March. You are, however, never guaranteed this treat as it depends on certain meteorological conditions.

The best places to see the Northern Lights are in Northern Norway, above the Arctic Circle, which cuts through Norway just south of Bodø on the Nordland coast. The Northern Lights may, under particular weather conditions, also be seen in Southern Norway.


Midnight Sun

Norway is the land of the Midnight Sun. In the summer, the sun never sets in the northern regions. Even in the south, there is daylight as late as 11pm and the sun rises around 3am. Below are some of the locations and dates where you will have the best chance to see the trilling spectacle of the Midnight Sun.


  • Spitsbergen - April 20 - August 20

  • North Cape - May 13 - July 29

  • Hammerfest - May 16 - July 27

  • Tromsø - May 20 - July 20

  • Svolvær - May 28 - July 14

  • Bodø - June 4 - July 8

Norway Midnight Sun

Keep in mind that although the sun may be shining bright as midnight, it is not as strong as during midday. Dress accordingly.