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Shuttle service from the airport to the city center (making stops at metro Dejvická on the "A" line, metro Namesti Republiky {=city center} on the "B" line) is available approx. from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m., departures every 30 minutes. Look for white minivans with the "CEDAZ" logo; they stop directly outside the arrivals terminal. The approximate cost of one ride to the center is Kc 90, i.e.  $3 per passenger. The same company (CEDAZ) also provides transportation to any specific address in the city center for a very reasonable Kc 390  (ca. $13); this is the price per address, not per passenger, so if there are more people in your party this is a very economical solution.

There is, of course, also "normal" taxi and limo service available from the airport round the clock; there is no fixed fare, however, and you should expect to pay approx. Kc 500 for a trip to the center. It is always a good idea to arrange the fare beforehand. You can also use one of the radio taxi companies listed in the paragraph below—their rates are significantly lower than those of the taxis waiting in front of the terminal, but they do require a short waiting time (approx. 10 min.). For information on hotel pickup service, contact your hotel directly.




Most of the time, you will not need a taxi for getting around the center of Prague (and don’t even attempt to use your own car). The historical part of the city is very compact and excellently served by inexpensive, clean and safe public transit. There are also extensive pedestrian zones. If you do find yourself in need of a taxi, however, we recommend that you follow this advice:

To avoid being overcharged, call a taxi through one of the radio-taxi companies listed below rather than hailing one off the street. There are at least two large, reliable radio taxi companies in Prague with English-speaking operators and fast, courteous service:

- AAA Taxi, tel. 3311-3311
- Profi Taxi, tel. 6131-4111 

If you have to take a taxi off the street, choose a more modest looking one (not a Mercedes) and ask the driver for an estimate of the cost of the ride before getting in. The maximum legal fare within Prague is Kc 18 per kilometer (=approx. 2/3 mile), plus the initial flat charge of Kc 40. Once inside the cab, make sure the meter is on; always ask for a receipt printed by the meter, not a handwritten one.

NEVER USE TAXIS (especially expensive types like Mercedes or BMW) THAT ARE WAITING IN "TOURIST SPOTS": Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, Hlavní/Main Train Station, etc., or cars marked otherwise than by the word "taxi", e.g. "taxiplus".

Transportation in Czech





We highly recommend that you purchase a public transportation pass for your stay in Prague; these useful documents enable you to use the public transit system (i.e. subway, trams, and buses) as much as you wish. The available passes are:

- 24-hour pass for Kc 70 (approx. $ 2.00)
- three-day pass for Kc 180 (approx. $ 6.00)
- seven-day pass for Kc 250 (approx. $ 8.00)
- 15-day pass for Kc 280 (approx. $ 9.00)

The passes, as well as regular single-fare tickets (cost: Kc 12, valid for 60 minutes, good for subway, bus and tram with the possibility of transfers), need to be validated (stamped) before the ride in one of the small yellow machines located at entrance points to the subway and on all trams and buses. Simply insert the pass or ticket in the slot and the machine will print the date and time on it. You need to do this only once with each pass or ticket. 

IMPORTANT: You may be asked to produce your pass or ticket by one of Prague’s plainclothes transit inspectors (they will flash a badge)—not the most lighthearted of men, so have your (stamped) pass with you whenever traveling

Please note that the Prague subway system does not operate between the hours of 12 midnight and 5 a.m. During these hours, you can use special night trams (designated by a two-digit number starting with the digit 5) or buses. The schedules are listed at all bus and tram stops.





Railway travel in the Czech Republic is a convenient (thanks to frequent connections and a dense network), inexpensive and fun way of getting to know the country. Various passes are available, and train connections both within and outside the Czech Republic can be easily found on the Internet. Due to a high volume of inquiries, our office cannot provide specific train travel itineraries or respond to requests for timetables. Please use the phone number and web sites listed below.