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The natural and cultural beauty and variety make Austria a small - in a geographical sense - jewel in the heart of Europe. Traditional symbols have remained alive and continue to define Austria in the minds of visitors today. Among these are the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the Lipizzaner stallions of the Spanish Riding School, and the Vienna Boys' Choir. And, of course, there's music: There is no other country that has made such enormous musical contributions to the world or had such an enduring influence on the international musical scene.

It is virtually impossible to introduce an entire country, however, in this section we will answer your most urgent questions, give you an overview of Austria's imperial cities as well as of the culinary pleasures of Austria and the country's Jewish heritage.




Austria offers the riches of Europe in the proverbial nutshell: spectacular vistas, Alpine splendor, pulsating nightlife, sophisticated shopping, classical culture and culinary adventure. And not to forget: Austria is the cradle of Alpine skiing - and skiing is a way of life in the country of any skier's dreams. Austria has been a favored travel destination for more than a thousand years and we would like to introduce you to Austria, its Imperial Cities and Alpine Splendor, and possibly whet your appetite to get to know more about it all.