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Local Festival and Holidays


Kuda Eid (Small Eid)  

When the new moon is sighted, which is usually announced by a canon in Malé and via television, Kuda Eid, Fithru Eid, is celebrated, marking the end of Ramazan. 

The day starts with a prayer and is followed by a special lunch to which all the relatives and friends are invited. Offerings, money or food are given to charity and people buy new clothes to wear for the Eid parade in the afternoon when the main streets are filled with a festive atmosphere, colourful bands and route marchers. 


Everybody is greeted with Eid Mubarak” (Eid Greetings!) and cards are given to relatives and friends. 

Local Festival and Holidays


Bodu Eid (Bodu Eid)  

Alhaa Eid is celebrated after the completion of the annual Haj prayer, during which many people go on pilgrimage to the Holy City of Mecca, a must for every Muslim once in his/her lifetime if he/she can afford it. Masses of people go to the airport to see their relatives off or to welcome them back from the journey. 


Special prayers, feasts and Eid games are held during Bodu Eid and on some islands people are splashed with water, and during this holiday many people visit other islands to enjoy the festivities. 



Traditionally a baby is named on the seventh day after its birth and an Arabic name is given. A special prayer is held. Family and close friends are invited to a party or feast and food is given to the poor. On many islands babies are usually shaven for this occasion. 



According to Islamic practice boys are circumcised between the ages of 4 and 8. 


On the islands it is usually done by the hakeem, the local doctor, in Malé by circumcisers or in hospital.It’s impossible to miss a house, where boys have been circumcised, as it is spectacularly decorated and the centre of entertainment, such as dances, boduberu  (traditional drum music), live bands and lots of well wishers.The boy or boys lie in the middle of the room on a bed with a tent-like cloth suspended by string from the ceiling over their middle.They are surrounded by relatives 24 hours a day, who massage their feet and make sure they are comfortable.


Every visitor brings presents, an enormous amount of delicious food is offered and the celebration usually goes on until the early hours of the morning. 


After a week when the boy has recovered the festivities are over. Usually these “circumcision parties” take place during the school holidays and often parents get together to minimise costs.