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General Information


Visitors entering Malaysia may bring in or take out any amount of currency.

Dutiable and Non-Dutiable Goods
Certain goods such as the following, imported by visitors are liable to duty: carpets, garments, clothing accessories, jewellery, chocolates, handbags, spirits, alcoholic beverages, tobacco and cigarettes. Visitors bringing in dutiable goods may have to pay a deposit for temporary importation, refundable on departure. The goods are to be presented at the time of departure at the point of exit together with the deposit receipts. Non-dutiable goods include cameras, watches, pens, lighters, perfumeries and cosmetics.


General Information About Malaysia

Health Regulations

Yellow Fever vaccination is required for all visitors coming from Yellow fever infected areas or endemic zones except for children under 1 year of age.


Major Events


Every year, many world-class events draw foreign visitors to Malaysia. By providing wide-ranging support to event organizers and helping to bring together the necessary resources from various organizations, Tourism Malaysia helps to ensure the continued popularity of these international events.


World Amateur Inter-Team Golf Championship (WAITGC)

WAITGC was organized with the objective of promoting holiday destinations that offer golfing facilities to both the international and local markets. The championship is opened to teams of amateur golfers.


Colours of Malaysia


Present Malaysia's rich culture and tradition through a showcase of cultural activities, handicrafts exhibition, sumptuous cuisines and resplendent costumes. The Colours of Malaysia is also displayed throughout the country for a whole month with a variety of cultural activity. It will be an unforgettable cultural experience.


Malaysia Megasale


Local and international emporiums, designer boutiques and stores all participate in the creation of a fantastic shopping extravaganza. Extraordinary discounts at retail outlets throughout the country offer bargains galore for both local and overseas shoppers. Highlights of the carnival include a Made in Malaysia Exhibition and Malaysian Fashion Week, where local designers, from the rapidly burgeoning fashion industry, display their latest creations.


Water Festivals


Water Festival Month Programme is instituted with the intention of re-enacting the variety of events of yesteryears and to utilise the beauty and uniqueness of the natural environment of the country as one of the tourism attractions for domestic as well as international market. This programme will be carried out for a period of one-month with packaging of all activities based on water resources throughout the country.


Food & Fruit Fiesta


Besides being rich with natural resources, Malaysia is also famous for its wide array of delicious food, culled from the multi racial coomunities prevalent in the country. This fiesta is held to introduce to visitors the different kinds of fruit and cuisine of colourful Malaysia, which is available almost anywhere at anytime. The social interaction amongst Malaysians to go out and 'makan-makan' or to eat, is a form of enjoyment for the people to really appreciate and enjoy our gastronomic delights and sharing it with our foreign guests