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Tunisia Museums

The long and diversified history of Tunisia is displayed through its statues, bronzes, pottery and mosaics exposed in museums located at several archeological sites. From the prestigious Bardo Museum to the modest on-site selection, each brings to the visitor a particular vision of this country's rich historical heritage.

Of particular interest by period are the following sites and museums:
Prehistoric: Bardo (Tunis), Gafsa Museum , Metlaoui, regions of El Kef, Makthar.

Berber: Chennini, Tataouine, Tamerza, Matamata

Punic: Kerkouane, Carthage Museum, Bardo , Utica,
Salammbo Punic Ports


Roman: Carthage, Carthage Museum, Sousse Museum, Dougga, El Jem and its Museum, Bardo Museum, Bulla Regia and its Museum, Tabarka and its Museum

Islamic: Kairouan, Raqqada Museum, Bardo Museum, Monastir and its Museum, Sousse Ribat and its Museum, Mahdia, Tozeur and its Museum, Tourbet Bey Tunis

Tunisia Museums

Traditional Arts: Dar Abdallah Tunis, Tozeur Museum, Le Kef Museum, Monastir Museum Jerba: The Griba synagogue presumed 6th century BC (Fall of Jerusalem to Babylonians)

Houmt Souk Citadel: Dargouth the pirate's fort 15-16th century - Museum

Douz: Saharian Museum