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The People


Seychelles is a multi-racial nation yet completely integrated. A mixture of European, Asian and Africans, the Seychelles are descendants of the first French settlers, African slaves, British sailors and traders. This mixture were later enriched by Indian, Chinese and Arab traders. The common language is Creole, which is the fruit of early French influence and administration. Today the national languages of the country are English, French and Creole since 1981.  

The People Of Seychelles

These choice for both English and French can be explained by the successive influence and administration of both nations it has been subject to since 1770. Which a per capita income of US $6 500, Seychelles enjoys a relatively high standard of living and is ranked as an upper middle income developing country.

Health care and education are free of charge and school is mandatory for every child under the age of 16 years. Adult literacy is 85%. The average life expectancy is 70 years