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With its four mountain ranges, a dozen summits over 4,000 metres (about 13,000 feet) high, 400 over 3,000 metres, and all of them accessible to people in good physical condition, Morocco offers exceptional hiking opportunities. On foot in the Sirwa, the Sargho and the Rif, on skis in the cedar forests of the Middle Atlas; a combination of skis and mules in the High Atlas, or canyoning; every season reveals a different aspect of nature. The Moroccan mountains are beautiful and wild - yet they are well organised for hikers with qualified guides and monitors available, a network of refuges, mules for hire and cross-country bikes. To get there, hire a four wheel drive, take the collective taxis or the buses.




Golf is a growing national passion in Morocco, with superb facilities in a setting of varied and magnificent landscapes. Major national as well as international competitions attract golfers from ail over the world. The most famous is the Hassan II Trophy held on the famous Red Course at the Royal Dar-Es-Salaam Golf Club in Rabat, which classified among the most spectacular golf courses in the world.

There are approximately twenty golf courses in the country, a number that rises every year. You can contemplate the eternal snows on the Atlas in Marrakesh, breathe the fragrance of the pines and cedars on the hills around Tangier, enjoy the hundred-year-old oaks in the forest at Rabat, the joyful colours of the heather, tamarisk and junipers at Cabo Negro, the dunes at Agadir, at Benslimane, El Jadida, Mohammedia, Ouarzazate, Fez, Casablanca, Settat and play right at the heart of the Imperial city of Meknes, in the Splendid park of the Royal Palace.
The green fee varies from 100 to 500 DH (US$12 to US$60). You can rent clubs, and electric vehicles as well as hire private caddies at most of the clubs. Some are closed one day a week (most commonly on Monday).

Tourist Activities in Morocco




The Atlantic breakers, the propitious winds of the Mediterranean and huge lakes - amateurs and professionals alike will find everything they need at the many Moroccan "spots". Some, such as Essaouira or Dar Bouazza near Casablanca, are world famous and host major international competitions.




You can ski during several months of the year. Alpine skiing on the powdery snow in the High Atlas, at Ouka´meden, only 70 km from Marrakesh, or the winter sports at Mischliffen in the Middle Atlas on the doorstep of Meknes and Fez. These resorts are equipped with ski lifts. Fans of cross-country skiing aise have a wide choice: the massifs in the Rif, the Middle and High Atlas all offer exciting itineraries.




Ideal for coming face to face with Morocco untamed. But be carefull Do not leave without a guide. In four days you can make a round trip of the canyons in the east or the west.
The oueds (rivers) in the High and Middle Atlas offer some outstanding descents, for up to 145 km along the Ahanesal and Melloul. You can descend the Oum-er-Rbia for 60km (about 37 miles) by raft at any time of the year. If you like excitement, this is for you.



The horses are superb and the country ideal, so relax and enjoy the pleasures of riding amid fabulous scenery. Gallop the length of the long white beaches, among the dunes and through the forest of century-old oaks. You can also play polo, jump, or take part in races.