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Your mystical journey will not start with the discovery of Egypt's natural beauty, but will start by you discovering the beauty and elegance of the M/S Florence. The spacious reception area is an example of the stunning splendor a waiting you on deck. The exquisite marble floor is gracefully surround by elegant pillars, which run all the way up to the stained glass ceiling. A marble stairway leads you to the upper floor , where the cabins are located .

The reception is spacious enough to have several sitting areas , where you can enjoy the view of the nile through the surrounding windows.





Our elegant and luxurious cabins insure that comfort will surround you throughout the cruise. Our cabins are equipped with 2 music Channels, a choice of films to watch, and a spacious bathroom (hairdryer and shaving socket). And also we have a Laundry service. All the necessary components of comfort and satisfaction are available. Insuring our attention to all details, each cabin contains the latest fire alarm and sprinkler system, provided for your safety and comfort.

 There are 4 kinds of Cabins:

  • Suits: There are 2 suits with area 32 m

  • Cabins with large beds: There are 4 cabins with area 25 m.

  • Single Cabins: There are 2 single cabins with area 15 m

  • Double Cabins: The rest of our cabins are double cabins with area of 20 m.

Restaurant  (No Smoking)

Whatever your tastes in food, be sure that we will cater it for you. With a staff of experienced and talented chefs, the food that is served will match that of all classy restaurants. The variety of food on hand leaves very little to be desired. The large buffet, which includes a separate salad and dessert buffet, is complimented bye a choice of Italian, Oriental, and international menus.

The breakfast menu includes a taste of Egyptian cuisine, as well as the standard continental breakfast. Capable of holding up to 160 people, the beautifully decorated restaurant adds splendor to the exquisite food on hand. In addition to the spacious and relaxed surroundings, the beautiful color scheme and murals of the restaurant are inspiring. With its stained glass ceiling and marble tables, comfort and satisfaction will accompany you through your 3 meals per day.



Lounge Bar And Disco

As much as the beauty of the outdoor scenery is a key to a pleasing cruise the entertainment on deck is of equal importance. There are various ways to enjoy your nightlife on deck of the M/S Florence , making sure that you will be looking forward to the sights on the vessel as much as the sights outside it .

Sun Deck - Swimming pool Jacuzzi
A long with appreciating the beauty of the river and its surroundings, you will also
appreciate the facilities of the sundeck.
Equipped with children's swimming pool (40 cm in depth), a large  swimming pool (150 cm in depth) there is no reason to worry about your children's safety while you enjoy a swim.
Egypt is not simply renowned for the its monuments.
and history, but also for its good weather and natural
landscape. When it's time to enjoy Egypt's beautiful weather and exquisite scenery, the sundeck provides the perfect advantage point.
for your safety we have a safe box on the Reception to secure your valuable.
We have GSM phone lines which allow you to phone or fax while sailing.


There are various ways to enjoy your life on the M/S FLORENCE such as:

  • Galabya party

  • life band

  • DJ

  • Animation Team

  • oriental day

  • Special events parties ( Birthday - Honey Moon

  • Christmas dinner - New year party ).

A gift shop is open offering a choice of fine jewelry, handicraft, and souvenirs .
Our cruises are also famous for our water system. Unlike other cruises, our boilers and water tanks are designed to make sure that all our clients will always have hot and cold water regardless of how many people are on board. Our purification system is the best on the Nile, taking in water from the river and passing it through two sand filters, two carbon filters, an ultra-violet filter, and a microbiology filter to give you pure, clean water.

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